Glance Over Orion Trek History.

We're Orion Trek, a Moroccan tour company founded in 1998 by a group of adventurous souls who love Morocco's beauty and culture. Our goal is simple: to create amazing adventures for all types of travelers. With more than 20 years in the travel business, we've become experts at making your journeys memorable. Our team is made up of specialists, pros, and experienced tour leaders. They know Morocco like the back of their hand. We've divided our team into three groups: one for big groups, one for individuals, and one for custom-made trips. We like to work with local businesses instead of big hotels to give you an authentic experience and support local communities. We've also decided to do our part for the planet. Since 2017, we've partnered with Travelife, a group that promotes sustainable travel. We're proud to be the first Moroccan company to get their top certification. This means we're committed to taking care of the environment and helping local communities. Sustainable travel means thinking about how our trips affect the world around us. We take this seriously. We're working hard to make sure our team, partners, and supply chain all follow eco-friendly practices. This way, your adventure leaves a positive impact on Morocco and its people.

Join us for a journey that goes beyond sightseeing. It's about experiencing Morocco in a responsible and sustainable way. With Orion Trek, your adventure becomes a way to connect with the world and make a difference.


Why Choosing us For Your Adventure Tour?

Responsible travel

Creating a Positive Impact in the Responsible Travel: After a long career in the field, Orion Trek have decided to take action toward a sustainable travel; Travelife has become our main partne...Learn More

Space for Freedom & fun

Right from the start, our mission has been to engage travellers with local communities, offer a life-changing experience, have fun and a space of personal freedom.

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Your Safety is Our Priority

Your health & safety matter to us; it is actually our first priority when we plan and craft any of our tours. Our team offers you all the guidance you need on what to visit and explore. We are totally transparent.

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Our Journeys Themes

Goup Touring

Memorable, cultural & adventurous group journeys for couples, singles, and mates escorted by experienced tourleaders.

Group Touring

Journeys for SOLOS

Group touring for individuals and SOLO travellers living a great experience at your own pace, your space of privacy, and the comfort you seek.

Individual Trips

Tailor Made Journeys

Customize your future adventure travel with your local expert and live the best experience in Morocco full of hidden sites and beautiful memories

Tailor Made