Said | Tour Leader

Hi Dear Traveller, My Name is Said, an Amazigh trip leader coming from Atlas Heights and exactly from Imlil (an extremely relaxed town) being a leader has been a passion for me since I was a child, lively & have a good sense of humour, I like to discover the unknown and get to know more about the others.

Mohammed | Tour Leader

Hi All, My name is Mohammed 45 years old and from the village of Imlil, I am a hiking expert, and I love what I do as it pushes me to get to know my limits, I like leading the trips to get to know the new cultures and discover all together in our journey.

Glimpse Over The Tour Leaders! Hired By Orion Trek.

Our team is not a perfectionist but we do our best to offer the cream of service to our travellers – The tour leaders are a decisive factor in the trips, therefore we make sure English-speaking guides are certified and well-trained to fit our tours and passengers' passions.

Indeed, we’re always proud of the consistent positive feedback they receive from the travellers, nevertheless, we always offer the necessary support & guidance to secure a travel adventure experience and a comfortable work atmosphere to the tour guides as much as we can.

What is it like to be with a tour leader? Arranged by us

Making your way through Medina lanes on your own can be just perfect or sometimes a bit challenging, that's where the significance of a trip leader emerges to support, fueled with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the local life, geography and the location's background, Oriontrek usually offers the tour leader's services at all its group tours, while it is on-demand for the individual or the tailor-made trips.

New tour leaders to join Orion Trek.

We all know how fun can be just leading a group on their tour adventure, taking a trek to the Mt Toubkal peak or even sipping the Moroccan tea with mint at a typical cafe at Jamaa Lafna Square, we welcome you onboard Orion's boat to share your experience and collaborate.

Send us an email at, give us a call at +212 528 824 898 or even visit us at our office in Agadir, We will be pleased to hear from you.