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How can we assist you? We want you to have a peace of mind travelling with us! We have selected the most frequently asked questions from other Oriontrek and put them together in our FAQs. These questions have been asked constantly by our travellers so it is very possible to have your question answered there. If your question is not listed or you wish to receive further information, make a suggestion or contact us for any other reason then please call, or send us an email. We make every effort to answer you as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes We do offer extra transfers pre/post nights and also activities not included into the program, therefore services are extra chargeable.

That's according to your nationality but mostly the EU countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand citizens do not require any visa. If you need more accurate information we advise you to contact the Moroccan Embassy at your country.

That's optional if you want to bring one with you, We also inspect the properties and we make sure to secure a comfortable experience.

It is still your call but generally you do not need one, except at the trekking / hiking trips. If you don't have one we can supply you with a sleeping bag during your trekking with us.

There are a couple of plug suckets being used here type C which is simple and type E that has a pin in the middle, the country works on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

We mostly provide private transport, for the groups we use touristic air-conditionned and comfortable mini-buses and often vans for the tailor made tours and special trips, we also provide some kinds of public transport as per the program you booked or according to the traveler's request.


The majority of the accommodations we provide have constant electricity, but there are some exceptions such as the camps at the high Atlas and the dune camps at the desert where they often use generators but it works just fine.

The travel insurance is essential for the sake of your safety, We require that when you first joining our tours.

The weather in Morocco is between moderate to warm and since it is geographically vast there are some varities from a region to a region, at the coastal regions it is more mederate ranging between 7 celsius = 44 Fahrenheit in Winter to the maximum 40 celsius = 104 Fahrenheit in Summer, while going deeper into the mainland the weather gets colder in Winter and warmer in Summer, at some regions in Winter it might just snow heavily and block the roads. in the desert you have to expect extreme heat or freezing cold depending on the weather.

The language and the accents differ from a region to a region here but in general the people speak Arabic and Berber or Amazigh as their native languages while the French is considered the first foreign idiom and mostly used at the administrations. You can also meet many people at Marrakech of Fes and the other touristy cities speaking English and some more languages.

For the exchange rates we propose you check the following site www.xe.com their rates are live according to the stock market.

The country is safer than many other countries in Europe, eventhough a traveller should always keep an eye. We also provide all the necessary tips and advices for your safety.

For the groups You will share a Twin bedding room with a travel mate on your tour, unless you booked your own single room with us. while for the Tailor Made we book the type of rooms according to the passenger's request.

There is always a lot to do here as an activity, you might ride a camel, take a quad ride as long as it respects the environment, hike at the Atlas heights, discover the labyrinthine of a Medina with your local guide, enjoy surfing or kite surfing by the shores, or even learn how to cook the Moroccan Tagine or Couscous at a charming local Riad. Some activities can be included and some are just as per your request.

For the passport it is clear it should be valid at least for 6 months to travel to Morocco in addition to the visa entry if you're required to have it.

We book different types of accommodations (Hotels, Riads, Kasbahs, guest houses, camps and so on ...) according to each program or tour and also according to the passengers requests.

It is advisable you drink the bottled or filtered water and totally avoid the tap water as that can harm your health on the long run.

Morocco depends mostly on the Gregorian calendar for the national holidays and events but on the religious aspect they depend on the Islamic calendar which means it is based on the moon observation. Here are some holidays based on the Gregorian dates:

Religious Event - Holy Month of Ramadan: It is expected for 2021 to start on 12th of April and ends on 12th of May.
Religious Event - Eid El Fitr: starts on 12th of May and lasts for 3 days.
Religious Event - Eid El Adha: starts on 19th of July and lasts for 3 days.

Morocco is currently using GMT+1, If you want to know more or compare it with your local time please check the site of date and time in Google.

Orion Trek is a trekking specialized local tour operator, which means we are experts arranging trekkings / Hikings weather in the Atlas hights or deeper into the deserts, We have specific private group trips and also for the tailor made trips that include the trekking activities.

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Our office working time starts at (09h00 AM) and ends (05h00 PM) local Moroccan time, our office is situated at the southern sunny city of Agadir by the atlantic coast:


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