Creating a Positive Impact in the Responsible Travel:

After a long career in the field, Orion Trek have decided to take action toward a sustainable travel; Travelife has become our main partner since 2016, a fruitful partnership summarized by obtaining a Travelife certification with excellence first of its kind in Morocco; this action gives priority to acting responsibly in the protection of the environment as well as the participation in the local development, Sustainable travel is defined by the UN World Tourism Organisation as “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”, it has become apparent that protecting our environment is now much more urgent and important than we previously thought, this reality slowly started to take place, starting by brainstorming team members, supply chain and partners.

The impact of implement, reached our supply chain and partners in the image of giving preference to a more sustainable transport options whenever feasible to our travellers, prioritize accommodation sustainably certified or locally owned, urge our travellers to participate in voluntary works at local cooperatives and events related which aids locals purchase locally made goods or planted foods, book local certified guides who present the culture and customs, speak about history and traditions, providing indigenous actions of cultural visits benefit goes to local communities and associations in charge.

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Our Code of Conduct!

Orion Trek code of conduct has been put together to make sure we recpect and fulfill our commitment and resposibility towards our environment.

Animal Welface Policy!

In the process of obtaining sustainability certification under travelife’s norms and standards, Orion Trek took into the consideration the impact of the animal welfare on both sides, travellers and locals, regarding travellers, riding a camel or a mule represents an original adventure either on the desert and / or in the mountains of Berber villages, these animals are an important source of income to the locals and source of joy to the clients, nevertheless, Orion Trek voyages did their best to improve its circumstances, first by sensitizing the supply chain, especially those who provide activities which include animals such as bivouacs, walks, mountains climbing, trekking…

We have prepare for each supplier a very specific contract as a follow up to improve and maintain this improvements; to be implemented and respected along the collaboration, this contracts should be read and signed, then returned to Orion Trek voyages, some of the criterion included are:

  • The provision of holding facilities which suit the physical and behavioural requirements of the animals.
  • The protection of the animals from people, other animals and adverse environmental conditions.
  • The provision of sufficient space for animals to rest, stand, stretch fully and turn around.
  • The provision of sufficient quantities of suitable feed and water at appropriate intervals.
  • The provision of prompt veterinary and other appropriate treatment in cases of illness or injury.
  • Maintenance of the hygiene of holding pens, vehicles and equipment.
  • The supervision of feeding, watering and inspection of animals to ensure their well-being.
  • The supervision of all staff in charge.
  • The collation and maintenance of appropriate records.
In case of non-respect of the principles, or animal abuse, Orion Trek has the right to stop and finish the collaboration with the responsible supplier immediately.