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Are you ready to lose your way? Or do you want to discover Morocco freely? Set yourself free to explore the unknown, meet local or indeginous people, new cultures and traditions on your way with us, We offer trips beyond your expectations.

Please read the the benefits listed below to know more about what you are going to get besides having the fun, freedomm and also an overview about the Morocco and its traditions.

Responsible travel

Creating a Positive Impact in the Responsible Travel: After a long career in the field, Orion Trek have decided to take action toward a sustainable travel; Travelife has become our main partne... Learn More
Responsible travel

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Freedom and happiness at your trips:

That is the essence of travelling is to share a good moment with the other travelers, the locals and travel at your pace where possible. at Orion Trek we make sure to provide that experience and a positive atmosphere while traveling.

Whether you are participating in a tailor made or a group tour, there always time for your private moment to experience the destination at your own, walking through the Medinas, exploring the Souks or just parcticing some negociation skills bargaining an item at the Souks...

Landscape of Morocco, ethnicity and traditions:

Morocco is well known as a diverse country situated at the top northern of the African continent and also considered the link between Africa and Europe with only a 12 KM away of Spain or the European Union.

The landscape of Morocco offers lots of paradox, geography differs from the northen green to the dry south, the country is maily divided between the Arabs and the Amazigh or Berber Ethnicities with the majority Muslims and some christian and Jewish communities living in harmony.

The traditional side in Morocco is quite rich creating a mosaic and a mixture of Arabic, Berber cultures mixed with the African touch, while for instance, going deeper into the remote areas you can meet some isolated groups like the Tuareg people still living in the traditional tents.

Accommodation We arrange at our tours:

As We spoke about the diversities of traditions, Morocco has also made its own brand of accommodations Like (Riads and Kasbahs).

What is a Riad? A riad is simply a traditional old house often situated at the old Medinas, these properties are also being ranked from luxury to basic depending on the type of the tour booked, but they provide an excelent overnight.

And What is a Kasbah? A Kasbah usually refers to an ancient fortress that's transformed to an accommodation, this type of accommodation often exists the the south of Morocco and also ranked from Luxury to basic. We also provide nightstays at Hotels, auberges, guest houses and overnights at the camping places.

Our Transportation:

To benefit the best services We provide good fleet of private transport with experienced drivers through out your tours from the transfers vans to the biggest buses, our touristic private transport is comfort and contains all the necessaries to keep it safe and enjoyable (Our passengers safety is taken seriously into the consideration), We also provide various transports like SVU vehicles on activities or during the tours at the tailor made journeys, while we provide the public transportation like buses and trains accodring to the passengers' requests.

Our Tour Leaders And Guides!

Our leaders and the local guides are also an important factor to keep the tour going on as planned and profittable, thus We only work with authorized tour and local guides according to the Moroccan law and we also make sure to have them trained properly for their task.

Our Professional Team!

Our crew of local agents has the necessary knowledge of the terrain and the culture that guarantees the best stay for our travellers in Morocco.

More to find out:

  • Adventurous and cultural group tours lead by experienced tour leaders.
  • A variety of FIT (tours for small number of people).
  • A tailor made or costumised tours upon our traveler's requests.
  • A dedicated dynamic team at your back to support you.